Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Connecting Golfers Everywhere with Jesus” 

Mulligan Vision: Latin America

                  Soteres Argentina Mulligan Open V and Teaching and Coaching seminar for Argentina golf professionals


In the spring of 2014 The PGA of Argentina & Mulligan Argentina will celebrate the 5th anniversary of the The Mulligan Open Argentina.

Juan Carlos Sosa, a former Argentine Pastor/Missionary, was following his heart and the only “lead” he had, when he contacted Jim Hiskey from Annapolis Maryland, USA.  Jim Hiskey, is a former PGA Tour pro and a lifetime member of PGA of America…more than that, he was the person to whom everyone kept directing Juan Carlos.  “If you want to know how to share Jesus with the golfers in your country and beyond, then you must connect with Jim,” he was told.  So that is what he did…

In December 2009, Jim Hiskey, Wally Armstrong & Bill Rogers led a team from the US to Buenos Aires, Argentina in hopes of supporting Juan Carlos and his family in discovering how God was already working in the golf community there.  Their goals were 1. get to know Juan Carlos more intimately 2. build key relationships with the golf community & 3. host a friendly golf tournament (Mulligan Open) with some of the PGA of Argentina pros.  When they left they were convinced that God was not only going to use Juan Carlos to reach the golfers of his country but that they also needed to help him build a core group of co-laborers that God would join in reaching all spanish-speaking countries that have a golfing community.

That small beginning has “born much fruit”! The Mulligan Open Argentina is now co-hosted by the PGA of Argentina and is the most anticipated tournament of the year for the pros and amateurs.  Last year 110 golfers played and the professionals competed for the highest paying 1-day purse in the PGA’s history!  All the golfers, caddies and spectators were presented with the message of hope that is available to them through a life connected with Jesus.



30 Tour Professionals Wally worked with for two days. It was a rich time of teaching and friendship building.

Argentina PGA Tour Pros 2013