Uganda – Kampala

For more than two years, whenever I drove past the Uganda Golf Club in Kampala I wondered how anyone could take the time or spend the money to play golf in a country where a majority of the population lives in abject poverty.

Everything about a golf course in Uganda seemed wrong to me — until I began searching for life skills’ development opportunities for the boys and girls in one of the slum communities where Tukutana serves. At that point, I drove to the private club to inquire about youth programs. I learned they provided golf instruction for children of East African government and business leaders but had not previously opened their doors to boys and girls from a non-profit organization.

Fortunately, the president of the Uganda Ladies’ Golf Union agreed to let me submit a proposal stating: 1) Tukutana’s goals for enrolling kids from the slums 2) How Tukutana’s involvement could help advance junior golf in Uganda.

Two weeks after submitting the proposal, I was delighted to receive a phone call saying the Uganda Golf Club board had voted unanimously to allow Tukutana to participate in their youth program. With less than three weeks before the next session we had to work quickly. A friend and former PGA Tour Member generously provided the seed money to get us going. Cheryl and Rob Skead bought Tukutana’s first golf uniforms, and Lauren Clayton organized transportation for the uniforms from NYC to Uganda.

The outcome of Tukutana Kids’ Golf has been remarkable. By learning a sport that emphasizes discipline, integrity, punctuality, and focus, our boys and girls are thriving on and off the course. All 28 of the boys and girls (ages 8-18) on the Tukutana golf team have demonstrated increased attendance and improved grades at school. Confidence gained through the program has prompted several of our kids to take on leadership roles in their schools, churches and communities.

One of Tukutana’s top golfers, for example, 15-year-old Irene Ziribagwa, wanted to start writing and acting clubs at her school but refrained after her ambitions were met with resistance. Following a recent golf session however Irene came home from school wearing an engraved badge with the title, “Acting Club President.” When I asked Irene how she overcame the negative feedback she’d received early on, Irene replied, “Before when people told me I wasn’t capable of doing something I believed them. But now that I play golf, I have confidence!” 

Tukutana is grateful for our many enthusiastic partners. We still need help though and would be very grateful to have your added support.

Would you kindly consider making a year-end contribution to Tukutana to help us raise the $3,500 needed to send our boys and girls to the 7-week Christmas holiday golf camp? ($125 per child covers tuition for 35 days of golf instruction, breakfast, transportation, uniforms, instructors, and speakers to share devotions with the more than 100 kids in the general program).

Thank you for helping Tukutana continue to make these valuable programs available for East African children.

With deep gratitude,

Roxanne Robbins, Director


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Session Skill(s) / Fundamentals Fundamental Element(s) Topic Life Principle Biblical Truth
1 Grip Appropriate pressure Control Philippians 2:13; Colossians 1:28-29
2 Stance / posture Solid foundation Solid foundation Matthew 7:24; Luke 6:46
Athletic position
Experiential Learning – Have the players stand with their feet together and coach pushes them.  Then have them take an athletic position (feet shoulder width apart and knees flexed))