Daily Devotionals

Trust Your Swing

Trust Your Swing by Wally Armstrong
“Instead of trying to maneuver the ball with your body, arms, and hands, trust your swing and the club you select for the shot.” – Ben Hogan

One of the worst things you can do in golf is to lose confidence in your game during a round. And it happens more often […]

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The Rules Of Golf

The Rules of Golf—Hindrance or Help by Wally Armstrong
“The better you know the rules, the better you can use them to your advantage when you play.” – Arnold Palmer

Golf is a sport in which rules and etiquette are woven into the tapestry of the game, but I’ve also felt the rules were a help, not a […]

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The Grip

The Grip by Wally Armstrong
“The basic factor in all good golf is the grip. Get it right, and all other progress follows.” – Tommy Armour

Another important grip fundamental to keep in mind is that the palms of each hand must be facing each other. If they aren’t, the hands will work against each other as the […]

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The Correct Way Is Not Always Natural

The Correct Way Is Not Always Natural by Wally Armstrong
“The good player swings through the ball while the awkward player hits at it.” – Ken Venturi

The golf swing, when performed correctly, is not a natural move. To groove an effective swing plane, a person has to learn to trust a concept that is foreign to the […]

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Stay In Control

Stay in Control by Wally Armstrong
“Hogan was the master at course management—using one shot to set up for the next … the ultimate chess player on the golf course. … He played one shot at a time. The hole he was on was just 1/18th of a round.” – Ken Venturi

One of my favorite aspects of […]

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Set Realistic Expectations

Set Realistic Expectations by Wally Armstrong
“If you’re serious about improving your play, be brutally honest with yourself.” – Greg Norman

One common trait I see among a lot of average weekend golfers is unrealistic expectations of their game. They often have full-time jobs and families to take care of, yet they want to play like the pros.

I […]

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Proper Pitch Shots

Proper Pitch Shots by Wally Armstrong
“The best way to lower your score is to work on your game from a 100 yards in.” – Wally Armstrong

One of the most difficult shots in golf is the short, high pitch shot over a bunker or water hazard. Most players struggle with this shot because it calls for a […]

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Pre-shot Routine

Pre-Shot Routine by Wally Armstrong
“A consistent pre-shot routine is a key to creating a snes of confidence.” – Wally Armstrong

The pre-shot ritual I’ve developed for my game is simple but effective. I begin by assessing the shot, gauging the yardage, wind conditions, and position of the pin and the obstacles around the green. Then I select […]

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Practice That Pays

Practice That Pays by Wally Armstrong
“Those who strive to teach must never cease to learn” – Bill Strausbaugh

At the end of every golf clinic, I open it up to question-and-answer time. Invariably, I get asked this question: “Hey, Wally, when you were on tour, how many practice balls did you hit each day?”

People probably ask me […]

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Learn The Truths Behind The Principles

Learn the Truths behind the Principles by Wally Armstrong
“Away with your tips, and show me your reasons.” – W. J. Thompson, Common Sense Golf

The golfer is off his game—someone suggests that he try such and such a thing. It works like a charm, and the conclusion is that the tip effected a cure. In general terms […]

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