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We have formed a team of former Tour players and teaching pros to serve you at your golf events. All are golfers in Christ and wonderful witnesses for the Lord. Study their profiles and select the one who seems to fit your event; each has an area of expertise to meet your needs. Over time more professionals will be added, and we will broaden the geographical coverage.
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ROB STRANO (Niceville, FL)

St. Louis native Rob Strano was introduced to the game of golf at the age of 6 by his father Bob when a putting green was built in his backyard. Mr. Strano grew up at St. Clair Country Club, home of fellow Touring Professional Golfers Bob Goalby, Frank Connor, Jay and Jerry Haas; all outstanding role models for an aspiring young player. Rob turned professional in 1988 after graduating from CentenaryCollege in Shreveport, LA. This began a career that includes competition on the PGA, Nationwide and NGA Tours with 5 other professional victories. He has worked with leading golf instructor’s Dr. Jim Suttie, Chuck Evans, Scott Watkins and Tim Mahoney, accounting for his reputation as an outstanding instructor.

In 2003 Rob retired from full time competition to pursue a career teaching golf to the hearing impaired in sign language. He is the founder and Director of Instruction of ASL GOLF, America’s leading golf instruction program for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. His cutting edge visual and tactile method of learning the golf swing through feel and imagery is evident in his instruction philosophy: “Teach the golf swing, and when necessary, use words.” As lead instructor, Rob conducts 20 golf camps nationwide for over 1,000 deaf children and was recently named the first ever Executive Director for the United States Deaf Golf Association. His enthusiasm and hard work coupled with a ‘message’ that he should teach golf in American Sign Language led him into this fast growing program and ministry.

Rob’s home and headquarters are in the Panhandle of Florida. He has spoken at numerous golf events, including Fellowship of Christian Athletes dinners/camps, and men’s group church outings/outreaches. Rob accepted the Lord in August 1997 and says his relationship with Him is the most important thing in his life. You will find Rob a personable celebrity and an enthusiastic witness for the Lord. He has a high energy message of “following the big dream God has put in your heart” and that “one decision you make can change the world.” Rob is currently working on two literary projects aimed at growing your faith and becoming a better a man for your family. He lives in Niceville, FL with his wife Naomi and two active children, Steven (14) and Tennyson (11).




A graduate of The University of Florida, Wally played over 300 PGA Tour events. He held the ‘low rookie’ score of 8-under at the Masters the year he finished 5th. Wally competed in 2-British Opens, 2- Masters, 7-U.S. Opens and 4-PGA Championships. Wally finished second 4 times and was a solid front- runner having been in the lead in over 30 PGA events. Because of his exceptionally consistent record, he was awarded a lifetime membership to the PGA Tour.

In the last 20 years Wally has concentrated on golf Instruction and Christian outreach programs for the golf industry. Known as a very creative instructor, Wally has created over 300 golf teaching aids and drills. His instructional video- tapes have sold over 500,000 copies and his golf clinics are fun and filled with excellent instructional material. His materials are excellent for beginning and intermediate golfers, and Wally gains immediate credibility with juniors. He considers himself to be ‘The World’s Oldest Junior golfer.

Wally’s commitment to the Lord and Christian living is known and respected throughout the world. He has done outreach programs at PGA Sections, church and corporate golf events and with small, intimate groups of believers. He has traveled the World as an ambassador of the game and for our Maker. He loves meeting new believers’ and people on the road to a relationship with Christ. Guests will love his testimony and participation in golf events.

Wally lives in Orlando, FL 



Kent was one of the founding partners of the Professional Golfers Career College, and he spent 15 years teaching and counseling students at this federally accredited vocational school that offered an AS degree in Professional Golf Management. Kent represented the Ben Hogan Company after a stint at the tour and a distinguished NCAA record at California State University at Long Beach.

Kent is an internationally recognized golf instructor with college, amateur and tour players. He is an accomplished user of video enhanced instruction, and a gifted teacher on the course. His course management skills coupled with his temperament make him an excellent model for students to copy. Although he chooses few opportunities to compete, his ‘game’ is still very sharp.

Kent’s goals have always included “witnessing for the Lord” and “bringing new believers to Christ.” His testimony is clear, and his audience quickly relates to it.. He loves to interact with groups, to use his sense of humor to gain acceptance and to make many new friends along the way. Kent is located in California.