Golf is a fantastic platform to reach friends with the gospel.  A number of golf groups have been using golf throughout the years in effective ways through this venue. There are numerous options for these events and it is always better to have an established small group in place before an event is conducted.  Far too often events are conducted and there is no follow-up

There are Mulligan small group discipleship resources available such as a Mulligan DVD curriculum and playbooks. Ideally there would be a group of golfers who have gone through the Mulligan curriculum together and have been handing out Mulligan books to friends during this time. This enables them to invite these friends to the affair.

PURPOSE: To provide an opportunity for a believer to invite a friend (seeker) to hear the gospel in a non-threatening fun golfing atmosphere.



11:00 a.m. Full swing clinic on the range at a golf course.

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12:00 Luncheon in the clubhouse where golf professional shares personal testimony.

1:30 p.m. Following the lunch those who wish to play golf may tee off, with the golf professional playing a few holes with each group or a Mulligan shot on a par 3 for each group.


Facility options — these can be held at a golf course — country club or a driving range.  If there is not an eating facility on the premise then a nearby restaurant may be used for the luncheon after the clinic.

AUDIENCE -Captive — Many times and larger golf outreach tournament’s the guests take off after the tournament and don’t make it to the presentation of the gospel at the dinner.  Because the guests will hopefully be brought to the affair by their host it makes this very personable and special.

FOLLOW-UP– Because each guest is personally invited and brought to the clinic/luncheon they can be easily followed up.  May times and larger outreach events there is not the personal touch that this has.  It provides a wonderful way to get members of churches or Ministry groups exercising their faith in an outreach setting.  It also provides instant follow up as each host can start or continue the discipleship process with their guest.

The Mulligan six lesson curriculum is a perfect way to follow up. It’s all about relational discipleship. The 6 session resource is more about focusing on building relationships than content focus. It also equips them to be a part of starting a small group using the curriculum with those attendees who received a book at the luncheon and are invited at a later date to be a part of a small Mulligan discussion group going through the Mulligan curriculum.

GIFTS- Autographed Mulligan books would be available—DVDs – prizes – a drawing and fun activities.

TALENT-There are numerous past and present PGA Tour golf professionals as well as club professionals who are available as clinicians/ speakers.


COSTS — These are easy to set up and don’t require a lot of administration.  Quite often with a full-blown golf outreach tournament it’s economically too much for many members because of the cost of covering the greens fee/cart, lunch and extra expenses for their guests and themselves.  Therefore the out reach clinic/ lunch combination works out well.

GOLF OPTION–There is still the option for those who wish to play golf to participate after the event.  But this is not the focal point


MULLIGAN EXPERIENCE-overnight friend building

That’s the old pro says  in the Mulligan book – Son, ”Life is all about relationships”.

A Mulligan Experience provides a wonderful opportunity for a Mulligan Club golfer to continue to build a relationship with a friend in a nonthreatening atmosphere of fun and golf. To hear stories of others who have struggled in life but have found direction and meaning in life by receiving their Ultimate Mulligan and walking with Jesus as their caddy, playing the course less played.


Thursday evening – 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Arrive on a Thursday afternoon and have a dinner buffet dinner at the club at 7 p.m.  The program would consist of a Mulligan club golfer sharing his personal story and a talk by a guest speaker covering few topics from the Mulligan book such as finding yourself worth or the importance of friendships in life and building a relationship with Christ.

8:30 PM –?

Break into small groups and have fellowship the rest of the evening bridging off of the message and theme of the dinner.

Friday morning 7 A.M. – 8:30 AM –

Breakfast at the club with a devotional and short message .

Golf clinic 9 AM – 10 AM

Shotgun start 10:30 AM—crazy fun -friendship building format – NATO golf experience.

3 PM brunch and prizes– final salutations – return home 4:30 PM


PURPOSE of the gathering –

Hosts would be encouraged to provide their guest with a Mulligan book ( if they don’t already have one) to read ahead of time with the understanding that the message and theme of the time is going to be taken from the Mulligan book.

Provide a great nonthreatening setting for a believer to bring along a guest and build their relationship to a new level.

For these guests to experience fellowship with true believers and catch a glimpse of Jesus through the lives of these followers of Jesus as they interact with each other.

To have believers challenged to walk closer with Christ and for no-believers( guests) to be exposed to the true message of Jesus and his love and His desire to enter into a friendship with his creation.

Provide a small group situation for men to open up and share their hearts with each other.

Closer relationships among golfing believers from Central Florida.


Develop a simple guide for our discussions and the Thursday

evening presentation.

During dinner have a couple short testimonies of men attending

The have a talk on some area of the Mulligan book which we would put together. Developing some great materials that we put together on the old pros character qualities. These would be something used and develop a discussion sheet. The old pro was a perfect example of a disciple, one who’s following Jesus. The perfect Mulligan man.

Have a great golf experience together —  a NATO  – “not attached outcome” – golf event-A wild and crazy friendship building format.


1—Buffet dinner on Thursday night –

2 Continental breakfast coffee rolls etc. in a meeting room Friday morning

Lunch would be on their own – Men could pick up the hot dog or a sandwich from the cart lady during the round –

2— wrap up at 3 PM after the round


PURPOSE – To serve major Metropolitan cities in the US and around the world with a strategic outreach tool, ”MULLIGAN OPEN  ” to use golf to reach people with the gospel. This unique event is about making friends and introducing these friends to THE FRIEND. The very essence of this event is not to see it as a one time event to pressure someone to make a decision to follow Christ but as a wonderful event that allows the believer to continue to build a long term relationship with a friend who may not know Christ. Jesus calls us to build disciples and this is a continuous process of nourishing a relationship with the fellow friend.

NEED – There are hundreds of corporate men who are searching for meaning and significance in their lives. Over 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day. Many of these men and women were golfers and now find themselves with plenty of time and are searching for friendships. Many will finally have time to find these friendships through golf. Other businessmen and women are caught up in the fast lane today and golf is a medium to build relationships for business and personal needs for friendship. Golf affords a wonderful median to reach out to these people with the gospel. This is all about reaching people the way Jesus reached people – one friend at a time.

Overall spirit – this is a tournament that is all about everyone that comes. It’s not about taking but giving. It’s a friend-raising tournament not a fund-raising tournament. About giving people a gift and not about making money. It’s about practicing the biblical principle of hospitality. Giving gifts to those who come that reflects God’s heart. How generous can we be to those who come.

HOSTS – GUESTS-The hosts are believers who are inviting the guests (seekers). The hosts cover all the costs for their guest or guests. This tournament is not about the host’s score and what’s in it for them but it’s about what’s in it for their guest(s). It’s about building a more solid friendship with them and having them experience the true friendship of Christ through their interactions with other hosts in the event.

The committee’s responsibility is to make this very clear to other hosts that are bringing a player or team as their guests. The host committee will make it very clear that this is not about Christian fellowship, there are plenty of church tournaments conducted to provide this experience. Every host is encouraged to come with a seeker or seekers as their guests. So the event should be comprised of at a minimum 50% believers/50% nonbelievers. Hopefully ratio of believers will be much less if one host brings three other guests.

GOLF OUTREACH – Over the last 40 years thousands of corporate leadership men and women have met Christ through golf outreach events around the world. It is one of the most effective ways to draw seekers into an atmosphere where they feel comfortable and not pressured or used and are very open to hearing about the gospel through demonstration. Especially if this is done in the context of being invited by a friend to be their guest for the day of golf and fun and to hear a fellow businessman or woman share their story of life and faith.



Because of this unique format and its success in reaching golfers for Christ and effort is being made to provide a way to assist others who may wish to use this tool to better and effectively but on these events for the sole purpose of friend reaching – not fund-raising. Being able not only to present the gospel and have people respond by a positive decision to follow Christ but to have the resources to follow-up these people and disciple them. The hosts will be provided with resources and insights to be able to follow up their guest or guests so the event doesn’t need to be concerned with a massive follow-up. It’s not about a specific ministry having to follow up all those who respond positively BUT about friend on friend developing a relationship that grows with the event just being one of those enhancing experiences together along the way.




The Mulligan open is not a FUND-raising endeavor but a FRIEND – raising endeavor. The idea is to build friendships among believers as well as nonbelievers alike. In the spirit of goodwill with the purpose of giving nonbelievers a picture of the joy of the Lord in believers interactions and the clean fun that can be enjoyed through the game.


Use the game of golf to draw in people who would normally not be reached by conventional faith-based golf endeavors. Golf through the years has been a powerful nonthreatening force to draw people into an environment to present the gospel in a clear understandable way. Golf has that element of camaraderie and goodwill to all men that is appealing to the seeker.

2- UNIQUE FORMAT – NATO GOLF – not attached to outcome golf.

The big word here that carries over not just for the tournament but for the whole day is FUN and FRIENDS.

MULLIGAN OPEN’S have a unique and fun formats for play. Each individual city can make up their own format to be used for the event. There are a number of choices that can be selected. A few formats are listed at the end of this informational sheet.


The Mulligan Opens are designed to bring together golfers/pastors from churches, parachurch groups and community businessmen to pull together in a common bond of using this event as an annual outreach. The whole purpose of this event is for reaching out to those who may not know him and the inviting hosts are encouraged to see this in that light. There are plenty of fun and fellowship golf church outings that are available. This one is strategically structured to reach the nonbeliever.


Each Mulligan open will have a luncheon or dinner and a clear presentation of the gospel through personal testimonies of a celebrity, golf professional and businessmen and an opportunity for those who come to respond to the message. Follow-up materials and a strategy will be a part of each event. The event also offers an opportunity for those who attend to be pulled into a larger worldwide network of golf fellowship – Mulligan Golf Club. Also another purpose is to stimulate churches, parachurch groups and individual businessmen to start small golf fellowship groups.

5-GIFTS – FOLLOW-UP. We strongly suggest that each participant receives a Mulligan book as a Tee gift. It offers a wonderful way for the guests further understand the simplicity of the gospel through the median of golf language – a parable which are presented in the book offer an understandable way of seeing the simplicity of the gospel.

Mulligan curriculums and study guides are available for the seekers as well as the believers. These make an excellent way to follow up with those who attend the event. They may be used as an individual follow-up or to start a small group.


We have a six lesson MULLIGAN FORUM that is perfect for an individual to follow up his guest or to start a small discussion group going through the book and the simple principles it teaches about the essence of the gospel through this golf parable. This forum is especially designed to further reinforce the value of establishing a lifetime relationship with Christ and the simple steps to how this comes about. The Mulligan forum contains a leaders guide on how to set up and run a MULLIGAN FORUM


This six lesson STUDY GUIDE is designed for the believers to go through and study the various principles found within the Mulligan book and to apply them to their own personal walk with Christ.


This DVD in workbook is available for use in small groups.

6-INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION. A group of friends in Tampa is leading the way of using the Tampa Mulligan open to be a model for  creating a prototype that could be duplicated around the world. Creating possibly a website that would help other interested cities and leadership to put these on. The Greater Tampa Mulligan Open has been a wonderful model for these events. You can go to their website at to see how it has been promoted and the essence of the event.



2 in 1

You may wish to have two tournaments in one, with one tournament for the low handicap players and another for the high handicap players. You may choose to have a scramble format for the high handicappers. This one can be handicapped to balance it out. Or you may have a group of better players who would like to play a shamble format – with handicap. To best balls will be recorded for each hole. So each team will turn and a 36 hole total. Each team receives one Mulligan per hole which they may use at their discretion for one of their players.

This may be a fourball or a two-man competition. The perfect format involves one player inviting one guest – someone who he has had a relationship with or desires to build a relationship with. That way the focus can be on this one person for the whole day and with a group of men it’s hard to keep track of them all and to keep the essence of the event flowing – strengthening a relationship with a friend.

Other possible additions – players with higher than 18 handicap will be allowed to tee up the ball through the green (this will make it a lot more fun for them and hopefully more successful). Also, We may wish to have any player on the team received a Mulligan shot from the low handicap player in each group. One shot per group only. This will produce more camaraderie within the group. Careful attention must be given if the shot is a duff (no derogatory comments will be allowed, only uplifting).

2 Nine-hole events –

Another unique format that has been used is to have two tournaments in one. Shotgun the players at 10 AM and each group plays nine holes of a scramble format. When they finish their ninth hole they come into the clubhouse for and for a lunch. At the lunch there’s a testimony and presentation of the Gospel. Then the players return back to their next hole and play another nine holes of a different format such as a shamble. So it’s the ultimate Mulligan day. You get two chances to win with two different nine-hole events. This format is very effective because it allows all of the guests to hear the message. Many times when you have a dinner afterword players have a tendency to not show up for the dinner and gospel presentation


We all need a higher perspective of looking at the world from God’s point of view.

Here’s what I do know –

1-We have a phenomenal opportunity with the MULLIGAN OPEN to reach nonbelievers with the gospel and to encourage believers in their walk with Christ.

2-God knows the best way for all of these activities to be coordinated to bring honor and glory to Him.

3-We know that Satan is going to work overtime to disrupt this purpose, so there will probably be conflicts but this is okay because if we didn’t have conflicts he would be leaving us alone.

4-It is God’s desire that we put these events on in total unity and to keep focused on the purpose of the events as friend raising not fund-raising. Making friends with Jesus – clearly seeing how to connect with Him as their Savior ,Lord and Friend.

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