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Create Lasting Friendships

When I caddied for Gary Player on the tour, the thing that stuck with me the most was his incredibly positive attitude. Every shot he came to, no matter how bad the lie or how many obstacles were in the way, he knew he could pull it off. In fact, he seemed to enjoy […]

Keep The Game In Perspective

One of the hardest working golfers I ever knew was Bob Unger. I met Bob and his wife, Jenny, in the early 70s while we were both struggling through mini-tours, trying to qualify for the tour. They were great people, but neither of them had a relationship with the Lord.

Bob and Jenny lived and […]

Mentor Younger Players

A number of years ago I got the chance to take my fourteen-year-old son, Blake, with me to watch the Masters tournament. When Blake was born I was no longer on the tour full-time, and he had never had an opportunity to see me play professionally. But he had spent many an hour over […]

Pass On Your Passion

During most of the years that I played on tour, I often used local caddies from the courses where the tournaments were being played. A lot of guys on tour used the same caddy for all their games, but I liked getting to know the young players around the country.

When I was a kid, […]

Develop A Love For The Game

Ben Hogan had a huge impact on me as a golfer, long before I ever met him. As a child, I used to marvel at his ability with a golf club and the level of greatness he brought to the game. I had always been a student of golf history, and Hogan was one […]

Giving Back To The Game

“In golf, as in life, you get out of it what you put into it.”

–Sam Snead


“The score is important, of course. And the discovery that you are superior to another golfer is satisfying. But when your score is bad and the other fellow beats you, golf still has been a blessing to you. The […]

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

I mentioned earlier that during my early years on the tour I often called my old college roommate, “Joe the Pro,” to caddy for me. He and I always had a great time on the course. He initially thought caddying would be a piece of cake—just a handful of guys walking around the fairways, […]

Count Every Stroke

In one of my previous books, I asked my friend Tim Lahaye—a highly respected author and theologian—if he would honor me by writing the introduction. He gracefully agreed and submitted a wonderful writing that included the following excerpt about a man he used to play golf with.


“The only way of really finding out a […]

Keep A Positive Outlook

Some of my best golf on the tour occurred during my early years. At that time I enjoyed having my old college roommate come out and caddy for me. His name was Joe Prochaska (or “Joe the Pro,” as we called him), and he and I always had a great time on the course […]

Be Courteous To Other Players

One of my best friends on the PGA tour was Bob Unger, a fellow golfing professional I was able to lead to the Lord in 1973, just a few days before we both qualified for the tour. When Bob gave his life to the Lord, he became on fire for Jesus, sharing his new […]