Single Testimonials

Wally, I gave my husband your book for our anniversary (thanks so much for signing your book) and, you were right! He began reading it approx. 30 min. after I gave it to him and did not put it down until he finished it. He has raved about it ever since…says it is the best book he has ever read and wishes he had it about 20 years ago. According to him, it is a life-changing book from the standpoint of, not only his golf game, but also to the way he will approach life in general.
Had a call from a guy, Jim, in Greensboro  yesterday. He ordered a case of books to give out. A guy who won a recent golf event was sort of a filthy mouth guy. He got a copy of the Mulligan in his tee package, and after reading it called Jim and thanked him so much for the event but mostly for the book;  so much so that he said he went to his knees and asked Jesus into his life and begged his forgiveness for being ‘such a jerk’.
I am a golfer.  A man in our church who knows me, knows how I love to golf. He said “I’ve got a book you might like to read.  I told him I wasn’t much of a reader, but sure.  I just finished the book and wanted to share with you what an impact it is having on my life. There is much more, but all I can say is thank you for writing this book, and THANK YOU JESUS THANK YOU JESUS THANK YOU JESUS AMEN.
Just read The Mulligan- actually reading it again! Awesome! That is all I can say! Awesome! I am where Paul was, and found my best friend “old pro” while reading this! Thank you and God bless!
Mr. Armstrong, I work for Jim J.  Recently I was playing golf with Jim and during the course of our round of golf at his country club he pulled me aside and suggested that I read the first chapter of The Mulligan because the  character in that book was ME.  Having a long history of playing golf starting at a very young age to now, golf was such a focal point in my life.  I have to admit, over the last several years I have found golf to be very little fun and I have become increasingly unhappy with the person I become on the golf course.  To the point recently that I felt I just could not ever play the game again because I hated the person I was on the golf course.  I was always so attached to being able to pull off every shot that I just became so consumed by the outcome.  I feel a tremendous anxiety of wanting to go and play golf, but before I can tee it up, I need to work on my GOLF first!   Thank you for writing the book.
While reading your book, I was blown away by how it read like someone had written a book about my golf life.  The similarities in a lot of the book were very personal.  I have always tried to put god first in my life, but reading your book really helped me to realize how selfish I was and how I unrealistic I was on ME as a person.  My priorities have not always aligned with the life I lead. Thank you so much.
 I want to Thank You very much for writing The Mulligan!  I can not speak  highly enough about the impact that John Faulkner has had on my life, but  I can tell you that I am a better person, a better father and a better friend because of Jim.  As I sit here writing this, I feel as if I have finally identified what was keeping me from being significant.  Now that I have identified my  biggest shortcomings, the hard part of carrying out gods plan is ahead of me, but I have a blue print of what I need to do and where I need to go to lead the life I have been striving to get to but could never round the corner on.  All the while knowing I can not be attached to the outcome because the outcome is already been determined by God.  Thanks again!  In gods grace!  Respectfully, T
Hi Wally, I wanted to thank you for the gift of your book “The Mulligan” and tell you how fun it was to see you.  I read the book on the flight home, and really enjoyed it. I passed it on to a co-worker who I don’t know well, but he’s a huge golfer.  Here is what he wrote me:   As you tee up for your next round on “the course less traveled,” know that your gift to me was a special one in many profound ways. As I struggled with my own life in 07′ I firmly believe that your gift  was the first step towards my decision to change my life in 08. Lord knows I will need my fair share of mulligans as I begin my own round with a new caddy. From the bottom of my heart – Thank you for giving me directions to the first tee. Golf has never looked more beautiful.
Thanks Wally and keep up the great work!!
 Dear Wally Armstrong and Ken Blanchard,

In life, we all fall short at times.  We all have moments that we are desperate and need help.  We need second chances.  The Mulligan is the most influential book I have read yet in my lifetime.  You book has taught me that everyone deserves second chances in life.

It baffles me how much I can relate to Paul.  Even though Paul is an older business man, and I am a sixteen-year-old teenage girl, I was shocked to see the similarities we shared.  Like Paul, I have lived my life being very concerned about how others view me.  Like any other teenage girl, appearance is a major thing I would constantly worry about.  I would worry about not being as skinny or beautiful as other girls I am surrounded by.  I would also stress over how well I succeed in school and the sports I participate in.  All in all, I would stress over the small stuff in life, just like Paul, in hopes that I could gain approval from the people I am surrounded by.

But then I read a quote that changed my life:  “If your self worth is a function of your performance plus the opinion of others and neither of these are predictable, then your self worth is up for grabs everyday.”  That quote has transformed my view on life and has become my life motto.  I was so inspired by that quote.  Instead of feeling like I have to conform to the way everyone around me is, I have come to accept and love myself the way I am, regardless of what others may think.

Another quote that I found to be encouraging was: “You don’t have to let your past determine the future.”  That quote has taught me that in life, I will inevitably make mistakes.  But regardless of what mistakes I will make in my life, I always have the opportunity to turn things around.  Just because I mess up doesn’t mean I have to live my whole life feeling disappointed in myself.  Instead, I am inspired to live my life making the choices I think are right, that please me, not others.  Also, I can be reassured that when I do make mistakes, I can get back onto the right path and not let it affect my future goals.  I’m proud to say I live my life with no regrets.  I learn from my mistakes, and I never look back wondering what I could have done differently.

In your book, the Old Pro was a character I truly admired and respected.  In my life, I have people that resemble the Old Pro.  Some Old Pro’s in my life are my parents and my older brother.  However, there is one person that stands out more than the rest, my grandpa.  My grandpa is one of my biggest heroes.  He has endured so many things that have molded him to be the man that he was.  Living with cancer for eighteen years and raising his two young daughters after his wife died are just some of the difficulties he endured.  Instead of giving up in despair, he persevered and stayed positive.  His example of staying strong has taught me to appreciate the small things in life.  My grandfather, my parents, and my brother are all valuable people in my life who teach me life long lessons, just like the Old Pro taught Paul.  Without them, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.

The Mulligan is such an inspiring book and has truly changed my life.  I now live my life giving people second chances and appreciate those who give me second chances.  I found a new confidence in myself and I embrace it everyday.  I have written down several of the uplifting quotes from your book.  When I go through tough times, I sometimes want to give up.  But instead of giving up, I reach for the paper containing all the inspiring quotes, and instantly feel ready to take on the world.  The quotes give me a boost of motivation that I need when my confidence is low.  Life isn’t perfect, and I know we will all endure hard times.  But it’s nice to have hope in something that can raise your spirits when you are down.  Therefore, everybody deserves second chances.  Sincerely,  Lyndsey E